Cattle Barons Ball Stampede On The Neches logo

Stampede on the Neches

Southeast Texas Cattle Barons’ Ball 2015

Like so much agency work, this began with a rush job. The Southeast Texas chapter of the American Cancer Society needed a logo for its largest fundraising event, and it needed the logo yesterday. We put pencil to paper and sent some options to the client. They picked one they loved and hooray. It was only later that we learned that they were very attached to a very old piece of clip art.

Cattle Barons Stampede Underwriting Packet

The client had this very old piece of bitmap clip art of a stampede. And they wanted to use it. Wanted to feature it prominently, in fact. But we turned the problem into a solution. “Stampede on the Neches” already sounded like the name of an old oater or a pulp western novel. And with a little work, the stampede art looked right at home on old western poster or comic book cover. What followed was the development of all 2016 Cattle Barons’ Ball pieces to look like standalone western movie posters, comic books, playbills and the like.

Stampede Invite and Tickets